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Taboo mission is to produce cosmetics within an accessible price range, while maintaining the highest quality parameters.
All of our cosmetics are produced from the highest class of ingredients, and their recipes are created based on almost 25 years of experience in the cosmetics industry.
Taboo is responsive to consumers’ needs, as is evidenced by our continuous process of development and innovation in the products we offer.
The best proof of the high quality of Taboo products is the satisfaction of customers all over Europe.

The Taboo Classic line of cosmetics  is formulated to offer every individual customer a product that is perfectly suited to their preferences. Taboo products are distinctive for their light texture and excellent absorption properties. They are rich in vitamins (including B, A, E, C, F and P), mineral salts and microelements (ions of potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron), as well as bioactive compounds in the form of natural biostimulators.
Taboo cosmetics are based on AquaComfort, an innovative moisturising formula which keeps the skin well hydrated for up to 24 hours by retaining moisture even in the deep skin layers.
Liquid silk, combined with hibiscus, marigold and subtropical grass extracts, envelops the skin with a protective film, preventing water loss, leaving the epidermis smoother and producing a mild lifting effect.Taboo products ensure prolonged deep hydration, relieving the skin, defending it against wrinkles and relaxing the entire body. They produce anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antidepressant effects. The action of the products is reinforced with a number of valuable selective ingredients to give each product unique features. All the products are designed with maximum emphasis on skin health and protection, as well as comfort – both in application and in the tanning process itself.

The ENERGY STREAM FOR MAN series consists of two products – SOFT BRONZER with its gentle strength, and BRONZER with its uncompromising power. We have given both products a distinctive masculine scent, which will certainly satisfy even the most demanding. In creating the formula we focused on the particular requirements of men, emphasizing biological regeneration of the skin and providing an energy boost for tanning skin. The biochemical compound used, in the form of the Q10+R coenzyme, makes the skin well-toned and elastic, giving a distinct rejuvenating effect. The coenzyme protects skin cells against inadequate oxygen supply, stimulates their regeneration and metabolism, and strengthens the protective functions of the epidermis, while also acting as an antioxidant. The products’ other ingredients reinforce the coenzyme’s properties by intensifying the conditioning factors and supporting protective processes. The products are excellently absorbed without making the skin feel oily.

The FIT LINE FOR WOMAN series also offers two products. There is SOFT BRONZER for women with light skin, and BRONZER for those with a darker complexion and those who want to deepen their existing tan. The products have a citrus fragrance, thanks to a combination of scents of sweet oranges and grapefruit. In formulating the products we addressed women’s needs by focusing on improving the figure. With their biologically active soya isoflavones, our products have been shown in tests to reduce cellulite. They improve cellular metabolism, causing fat to decompose, and increase the production of collagen at the dermis level, toning the skin superbly. These effects are intensified by the presence of Spirulina extract, L-carnitine and caffeine, which are known for their slimming properties. These are delicate products with confirmed effective action.

Cream formulas available in the Taboo Effect line are designed for facial, neck and décolleté care. The products have been developed specifically to nourish sensitive uncovered skin areas and provide a deep moisturising effect. Special base formula gives the creams a velvety consistency, allowing for easy and comfortable application. Developed as a gel emulsion, the cream incorporates gentle active ingredients combined into a unique blend which actively improves the condition of skin following tanning salon treatments. The products are also rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and a range of nutrients. The fragrance formulas are free from sensitizing substances, which additionally enhances the comfort of application, helping to eliminate risks associated with possible skin reactions.

Tanning products from the EXPERT series are the first products where use of IBC (Intelligent Bronzing Complex) has enabled the production of products that give a a specified skin colour in shades of brown only. The related colours orange and yellow, are thus eliminated. IBC is a synergistic effect of DHA and bioflavonoids. Their use results in much faster action, more intense colour, prolonged effect, anti-aging activity and protection against active oxygen molecules.


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