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Sunscreen cosmetics

Sunscreen cosmetics

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In the summer it is so pleasant to sunbathe on the beach or in the backyard, because it is a natural way to get a beautiful tan. However, the sun not only heats us, but also emits UVA and UVB rays, which are not as harmless to the skin. Therefore, when going to sunbathe, you should always remember the quality sunscreen that is suitable for use in the sun. Tanning cosmetics are best chosen according to your skin type and tone. Special care should be taken by those with sensitive skin and moles. These people should be very careful about the sun, use high-quality care and protective cosmetics.
High-quality and professional sunbathing cosmetics for the sun are available in the Salonline store - online and in-store in the warehouse in Riga. Salonline is a direct distributor of professional care and decorative cosmetics and salon equipment in the Baltic States. We also offer high-quality sunscreen cosmetics from brands such as Bielenda, Keune, Extracare and Taboo.
The range of products includes sunscreen cosmetics that will provide the skin with hydration and care and protection from UV rays. The products are available with a variety of SPFs, including creams for the face, especially for sensitive and dry skin. We also offer tanning oil for toning, as well as nurturing and moisturizing agents to use after sunbathing to maintain the tan effect, soothe and restore the sun-irritated skin.

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