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The positive and diverse effects of massage on the human body and mind have long been known. Relaxing the hands of a professional masseur can greatly improve health and well-being. That's why massage is always a demanding service in salons where customers go not only for their exterior beauty, but also for their physical and emotional well-being.
Specialized equipment and furniture are required for a massage workplace. All that is needed for massage and its services can be found and purchased at the Salonline store - both online and in our store-warehouse in Riga. Salonline is a direct distributor of professional cosmetics, brand products and salon equipment in the Baltic States. The range also includes all the necessary massage equipment for the salon.
Salonline offers professional and functional massage tables and couches, as well as massage apparatus for the body. There are couches with both manual and electrical adjustment functions. For special customer convenience, it is also possible to buy a couch with a heating function.
In order to provide the clients of the cabin with a wide range of quality massage services, it is also possible to buy a set of hot massage stones containing 54 high quality polished basalt stones. Set for full body massage including back, legs, head and feet.
All products offered by Salonline meet the highest quality standards because we work with trusted manufacturers. Salon equipment for massage will last long and reliable and will be easy to maintain.

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