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For Make-Up artists

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Visualist or make-up master is a true magician who can see and highlight his unique features in each client. The make-up artist makes a make-up that is suitable for every life situation - everyday, evening or daytime, for special days such as weddings. The visitor knows the latest trends in the makeup industry, uses professional cosmetics and tools to achieve the best results.
Beauty salon is not imaginable without the services of a make-up artist. Specialized professional equipment must be provided to make a workplace suitable for make-up artists. All that is needed to make a visual artist service can be found and purchased at the Salonline store - both online and in our store-warehouse in Riga. Salonline is a direct distributor of professional cosmetics, brand products and salon equipment in the Baltic States. The range also includes all the necessary interior equipment for make-up artists.
The Salonline range includes professional and functional make-up chairs - durable, aluminum, foldable, easy to carry and transportable. It will be an indispensable tool for the quality of the visitor to perform his work not only in the interior but also in any other place.
Of course, we also offer suitcases for professional make-up artists. The case comes with lighting and a mirror. The suitcase is also equipped with castors and 4 adjustable legs to give the visitor maximum comfort and ergonomics during the work process. The salon equipment for the visual artist will last long

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