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Professional treatments to enhance the PURE BEAUTY of hair. Moisture, Radiance and Shine. Puring treatment Line is the essential hair care products designed for both the professional hair stylist and the client.
A full range of professional treatments for hair & scalp balance and well-being. Enriched with multiple actives of natural origin, the line guarantees deep moisturizing of the hair, while giving it vigour and shine. No Limits to Artistic Expression. MySalon is PURING’s Line for professional styling designed for all all hair types and structures. Each product of this trendy and versatile product range was designed for the creative styling needs both of the salon professional and their clients. MySalon gives hair styling a new, distinguishing touch, with a creative twist. Professional Hair Colouring and Technical Solutions
Puring Tuttocolors is a complete range of professional products and technical solutions. Tuttocolors Fruit Acids Cream colouring system features 88 nouances, eriched with the innovative fruit acids formula. The dream solution for salon professionals searching for a reliable performance. Clients’ hair will enjoy a uniform, long-lasting colour and vibrant hair reflections while receiving deep conditioning and moisture.


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