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Oyster - when experience, volume and size matter!
Oyster Cosmetics is a brand of Italian cosmetics with over 30 years of experience in the professional cosmetics industry. The company offers a variety of sophisticated cosmetics that are of high quality and affordable prices, which can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. The company has rich skills and experience in the development of a high-quality range of hair care products, which includes everything necessary for professional work - from dyes, with a wide range of tones, to hair styling products and products to solve various problems of the scalp. Oyster is a wide range of products for any hair care, styling or technical procedures.
Thanks to laboratory research and years of experience in the professional field, Oyster Cosmetics has created a high-quality system for hair and scalp care, ensuring predictable results of procedures. In modern laboratories of the company, research and development of new products are continuously carried out, taking into account the requirements of the consumer, the latest technological advances and fashion trends. Oyster Professional has gained great customer confidence due to its wide range of products and the high quality of product development and manufacturing. Characteristic in numbers: 65000 m2 - the total area of ​​the company; production capacity - 200 million units per year; Fifteen manufacturing and packaging lines, 4 in-house testing laboratories and a testing technical academy provide product manufacturing.


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OYSTER BLEACH Bleach-cream 250gr

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