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MasterVac is one of the leading manufacturer of podology equipment worldwide. MasterVac produces footcare technology for many renowned companies worldwide not only under its own label but also as OEM manufacturer.
MasterVac was founded in 2006 as joint venture between one of the leading Japanese manufactures in the sector of dental technology and one of the leading European manufacturers in the sector of footcare technology. Both partners have brought in their outstanding strengths in the joint venture and thus have been developing, producing and distributing innovative technology for dental, podology, nails, cosmetics and wellness with long-year experience.
Manufactured in Germany MasterVac products fulfill the highest requirements of professional users. MasterVac high quality requirements document among others the certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485 as medical device manufacturer.
At the German location Taucha it develops, produces and distributes podology equipments with a competent team worldwide.


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