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There are several stages in creating a beautiful makeup. One of them is the preparation of facial skin for the make-up, as well as the application of corrective and toning remedies suitable for skin type and tone. A professional make-up and make-up specialist has many cosmetic products specifically designed for the face to make it look perfect. Of course, it is good to have such professional cosmetics in every woman's purse so that she can create a tasteful and appropriate makeup at any time, which makes her feel beautiful and confident.
Professional cosmetics for the face, selected by leading beauty salon specialists, are available in a wide range at our Salonline store, both online and in-store in the warehouse in Riga. Salonline is a direct distributor of professional cosmetics, brand products and salon equipment in the Baltic States. The range of products includes professional and high-quality cosmetics for the face - from the base and the console to tonal cream and blush.
Various shades of makeup make up and lighten the skin of the face, making the makeup more durable. Concealers and consoles will perfectly hide skin imperfections. Tonic creams that smooth out and create the perfect facial skin are available in a wide variety of shades - from natural beige to golden and dark. But powder and blush will be the last accent for a perfect makeup. Of course, you can also buy funds for removing facial cosmetics.

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