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The choice of make-up and its amount in everyday life and holidays is a matter of taste, but shaping the eye contours, eyelashes and eyebrows is the minimum that most women choose. The highlighted eye lines, eyelids, eyebrows and eyelashes instantly can turn your face, making it expressive and captivating. With individually selected eye make-up, you can create a tasteful and persistent make-up in the eye area for both everyday and special moments when you want to focus more on your visual image.
Professional decorative cosmetics for eyes used by leading beauty salon specialists are available in a wide range at our Salonline store - online and in-store in the warehouse in Riga. Salonline is a direct distributor of professional care and decorative cosmetics and salon equipment in the Baltic States. The range of products includes professional and high-quality cosmetics for the eyes - from high-quality mascara to bases and eye shadow for eyelid make-up.
Salonline's range of eye make-up offers high quality mascara for lashes that will create a smooth and durable coating, giving lashes volume, length and expressiveness. Not only black, but also brown and blue mascara are available. Eye pencils and liners with long-lasting durability will allow you to create the perfect eye contour for your current makeup. But the wide range of eye shadow features tones for every taste and face type. Also featuring toning mascara for eyebrows - thick, well-groomed and expressive.

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