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L’Alga is a treatment line for all types of hair that endures the stresses and abuses of today. Repairs and protects all hair types, before and after exposure, against the various damaging elements that drain the hair of its life and vitality.
Focused on an innovative algae-based complex from the deepest oceans, L’Alga leverages the unique characteristics of the ocean’s nearly indestructible plant life. These extraordinary plants not only survive, but thrive in the harshest environments on our planet.
Now, we have finally discovered and tapped into their secrets.
At L'Alga Healthful Hair, we believe in the transformative power of an individual’s unique, vibrant beauty. On a daily basis our hair and scalp are under constant attack. We set out with the goal of breaking the typical damage/repair cycle by focusing on protection and defense of your hair. By preventing the damage from occurring in the first place, we are able to maintain your hair's natural vibrancy and vitality.


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