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KIWI COSMETICS produces organic, vegan and EcoCert-certified skin care and body care. Founded and based in Latvia, Kivvi Cosmetics draws on its rich and inspiring NORTHERN SURROUNDINGS to share the heritage of our ancestors with the world. Northern Europeans have historically valued the power of nature’s bounty - plants and herbs from the forests of Latvia have held a well-deserved place in folk medicine for thousands of years. OUR MISSION is to provide top-quality natural and certified cosmetics, inspired by Northern nature and based on science. At Kiwi, we never test on animals and we do not include any animal-derived ingredients, therefore we are suitable for VEGANS. Our handmade product range is CERTIFIED ORGANIC by EcoCert and Cosmos international certifications. Kiwi Cosmetics NEVER USES artificial coloring, preservatives, phthalates, synthetics, mineral substances, oil refinery products, GMOs, parabens, chemicals, or any other toxic substances.


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