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J. Mäki is a finnish brand of eco-friendly hair cosmetics.
Using the maximum number of natural ingredients, we have created a product that meets the present-day requirements of hairdressers and their clients. Our shampoos wash hair through and gently take care of the scalp, the conditioners facilitate the styling significantly and protect the hair from adverse effects. They are universal and contain thermal protection.
All our products are SLS, paraben and alcohol free and can be used by people with sensitive skin.
All ingredients are allowed for use in skin care products, which makes them safe when exposed to the scalp or face.
Treatment line products remove static electricity and facilitate laying.
Eliminates excess oil and dandruff.
Contains an anti-aging complex.
Can be used after keratin hair straightening.
Contains a UV filter.
With prolonged use, restores and revitalize damaged hair.


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