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Since the foundation of the company in 1935 and its consolidation in the market with Bulbocapillina, Farmagan has always wanted to specifically study the health and the beauty of hair and scalp.
Developed in the modern research & development laboratories of Farmagan, all our products are dermatologically and microbiologically tested, with results that confirm their performance and tolerability.
The use in the production processo of cutting-edge machinery and technology guarantees quality and safety, according to the most updated international regulations.
Since its foundation, Farmagan has put research at the heart of his philosophy for the solution of problems related to the health of the hair and the beauty of hairstyles.
Our laboratories produce only what is formulated and verified by a cutting-edge researchers pool in the resolution of the cosmetic consumer problem.
Important and continuous investments, together with the permanent training of personnel, allow the creation of original, innovative and tested using stringent quality controls.

The People
Since always the priority of the company is the people that build it up and that are merited to transmit its values and create a strong bond with its main interlocutors.
A serious and efficient working environment inside the company has allowed Farmagan during the years to overcome continuous challenges, also in international markets.

The Quality
It’s the result of the creative and formulative effort of our cutting-edge Research Laboratories, and it represents the distinction and the pride of Farmagan.

The Research
An avant- garde Research Laboratory, formed by a team of pure researchers in charge of the product formulation and the quality control, collaborating with the most important universities of the world.

The Production
A direct supervision of the whole production chain: Farmagan controls, manages and guarantees the quality of its own products, from the research of each single raw material used to the final packaging of the product ready for its commercialisation on the market.


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