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From day one, we have been creating nail products for professionals. Our lab is our key. Our chemists create hundreds of formulas monthly. Only the best ones, tested by professionals and approved by Kinetics educators, are launched to the market.
Passionate for design
We believe design matters. Beautiful product packaging is our passion and necessity. We love elegant, simple, and clean. It is our style of living and the same we express in our products.
Coming from northern Europe, we get our inspiration from the Nordic aesthetic and its pristine nature. We simply can’t think of compromising design.
We are all humans. We trust in relationships. We grow together with our partners by sharing our success and mistakes. We listen, and we respond. We are simple, and our products are alike –
easy to use, with clean design and clear function.
We are passionate about life, and we believe the best way to live it is by exploring it. As a team, we welcome challenges and adventures: rope courses, marathons, and races to name a few. And we
bring this spirit to our work in catchy polish names, crazy collection stories, and playful products.
It gives color to our lives.


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