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Established and founded on a principle of quality in 1996, Amazing Shine is a specialized nail-care and pedi-care product company headquartered in Southern California. Ever since inception, our unwavering attention to quality and service at a competitive price has resulted in a tremendous growth. Our current distribution networks extend to well over 70 countries worldwide.Our competency includes product development and manufacturing. We provide a “one-stop” solution to many of our valued partners. To ...


Barbicide is an international symbol of purity!Barbicide is the undisputed leader in the world in the production of disinfectants for hair salons and SPA centers!Barbicide has become an icon in the professional beauty industry - it symbolizes a safe and clean environment for cosmetic procedures, from haircuts to a pedicure. All Barbicide disinfectants are EPA registered (EPA - Environmental Protection Agency) and comply with the quality of medical facilities. The Barbicide brand appeared under the auspice...


Whether it’s beards, sideburns, lamb chops, moustaches, goatees or a smooth, clean-cut look, these days, anything goes. More than ever, barbers and hairdressers have to keep up with ever-changing male fashion trends. Nowadays, just cutting a cool quiff isn’t enough – it’s all about shaving, trimming beards and styling moustaches. Barburys by Sibel supports professionals in their passion for the art and offers a range of high quality products to meet their customers’ high and varied expectations....


BB GREEN is the latest in the world of cosmetics made with the simple ingredients the Earth has to offer, to enhance the beauty and wellbeing of the body.Presents a range of cosmetic products inspired by a healthy lifestyle and by the smoothies made from fruit and vegetables.WE LOVE: The Earth and its fruits; Natural, organic ingredients; Vegetable combinations; The environment; A healthy lifestyle.BB GREEN presents a range of cosmetic products dedicated to beauty and wellbeing of the body.Realized with c...


Bielenda - more than 400 ECO CERT  of recognized products! The composition of Bielenda products includes all-natural raw materials, as well as the foundation of the company's success: a large selection, an effective result, excellent quality and a reasonable price.Cosmetics have been evaluated in more than 30 countries in Europe, America, and Asia. Bielenda effectively combines advances in science and nature to create new formulas using only certified organic herbs and ingredients recognized by ECO C...


BIOETIKA - PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS FOR BEAUTY AND HEALTH HAIR! The name Bioetika reflects the essence of the brand and its products. Brand ethical principle - to use natural, biological ingredients in their products, which do not harm human health, and also improve the condition of the hair and scalp. Bioetika provides a wide range of products - hair care products, styling and technical products that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding professionals, as well as provide excellent results for al...


THE BEAUTY OF NATURE DECODED BY SCIENCEOUR MISSIONSince 1990, Biolage was born with the commitment of offering the hairstylist a unique approach to professional haircare. The exclusive blend of unique botanicals and the latest technologies deliver gentle, high performing formulas to enhance the beauty of every hair type.OUR VALUESThe brand emphasizes its strong values to reach the ultimate vision of nature, science and sensoriality within the Professional market. Our products adhere to high stan...
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