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About us

Founded in Latvia in 2001, Salonline is the leader in the trade of professional cosmetics and equipment in the Baltic countries, providing cosmetics, electronic devices and accessories to the most popular brands in the world for professional and home use.
Salonline values that distinguish us / or / make us feel special:
Team-Over the years we have created a solid and strong team of professionals who, for us, Salonline, help to attract new customers and meet the needs of existing customers.
Service - thanks to the knowledge of our team about the range of products offered, we provide our customers with more than self-service stores. We view every conversation with a client as a contribution to future collaboration.
Knowledge - we believe that our special knowledge increases the value of our products and customer service, as we can provide comprehensive information about the cosmetic products we offer.
Technologies - we regularly follow the modern trends of beauty care and the accessories used in the process of creating beauty,
Quality - The services, skills and products we offer, which we sell.

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