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Massage has a beneficial effect on the human body and well-being and is also useful at any age. Salonline offers massage products for body, face, hands and feet.
The range of massage products includes products with different ingredients. Offering massage products with sesame, almond, olive oil, grape seed oil and chamomile extract.
Classic massage oils will provide complete relaxation. Depending on the composition of the massage products, the effect on the massage can be influenced and adjusted. Creams, lotions and oils for the body with and without aroma, toning or soothing, warming or cooling effect. There are also massage creams with additional effects on aging and cellulite. Pink salt is ideal for hydromassage, balneotherapy, and can be used for bathing in the bath or body.
Massages would not be imaginable without the addition of massage equipment and massage devices. You can also find products for creating a pleasant atmosphere in the salonline catalog: aromatherapy products with a wide assortment of aromas, as well as massage equipment: massage tables and chairs, massage brushes and stones for hot massages.

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