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Hair styling

Hair styling

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Showing 97 to 112 of 395

Hair styling is an integral part of every modern woman. Depending on hair length and cut, appropriate hair styling products are used. However, in order to obtain a durable and beautiful hair style that does not disappoint all day long, it is essential to choose quality hair styling products.
Salonline is the largest distributor of professional hair cosmetics in the Baltics. We collaborate with world-renowned and reputable brands, chosen by hairdressers and industry professionals for their work.
Salonline offers a wide range of hair styling products - for various fixation strengths, volume gain, styling, and heat protection. With these features you will be able to get both cool and durable arches and create a firmly locked hairstyle, as well as make shorter haircuts or make your hair perfectly smooth.
In the range of hair styling products offered by Salonline you will find hair foam that will give the hairstyle both volume and lighter or tighter fixation. Of course, hair lacquers are indispensable to give the hair a particularly durable fixation under any weather conditions throughout the day.
Salonline also includes hair gels, pastes, waxes and creams, sprays and fluids. They are designed not only for hair styling, but also for care because they combine the power of nature and science with formulas that protect, nourish, care and strengthen hair.

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