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Hair colouring

Hair colouring

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The natural hair color for each person is genetically determined. Someone likes it and matches his style and personality, but someone chooses to change it or accentuate it with the help of hair color. Hair coloring allows you to get any hair tone you want, a combination of colors, and hence a visual image that feels good and confident.
In order to obtain a durable and beautiful hair color, it is important to choose high-quality products - hair colors that evenly and efficiently color your hair, and in its composition are gentle to the hair structure. You can buy such hair colors in a wide range at the Salonline store, both online and on-line.
Salonline is the largest distributor of professional hair cosmetics in the Baltics. We collaborate with world-renowned and reputable brands, chosen by hairdressers and industry professionals for their work.
The Salonline range of products includes a wide range of hair colors - from many blonde shades to bright and distinctly dark tones. There are more than 800 hair color tones, over 100 toning agents that will allow anyone to find their perfect color or a combination of multiple shades. You can also buy oxidants, bleaches, perm, hair straighteners, and care products for hair restoration.

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