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Based on your entries: Female, 27 years old, Blonde hair, Dry scalp, 5-10€ we found 10 matches.
Showing 1 to 16 of 2063

Professional tools for face and body skin care from industry experts such as Bielenda, Extracare, SkinSystem, Iroha, Marilou Bio, Grace Cole, Jacklon, Charlotte family, etc.
In the Salonline range, you will find tools for skin, pampering and cleaning products for all skin types, as well as for face care, body care products for men, including shaving products and after-shave products and deodorants.
Salonline's wide assortment includes facial masks, cleansing cosmetics, micelle water, facial creams, tonic, facial scrub and body scrub, soap, body cream, deodorants, peeling, all you need for face and body care you will find in this section.
Find the most suitable face care product for each skin type and application. Refresh your skin by cleansing your micelle and cleansing your face mask, of course, remember to clean your face cream or face after facial cleansing.
Do the pumps not rest? Clean your face with micellar water or cleansing foam and choose a face mask for pumps, a problematic skin type. Remember about regular facial care and protection, especially in urban and tense rhythms, choose the right face cream or serum for your skin and night cream before going to bed.
Get a feeling of freshness and skin care with our soap, body scrub and shower gel, then feed your skin with body cream. For daily freshness, choose a body spray or deodorant developed by industry experts.

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