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Emmebi Italia was set up in 1990 in a small village in the province of Bergamo. An internationally affirmed and highly qualified company, it has chosen to concentrate its research and direct the production towards devising, designing and creating products for the beauty and treatment of the hair and scalp. Right from the beginning, the company proved to be one of the most dynamic business realities in the hair cosmetics sector.

The company’s final aim: to achieve an inspiring philosophy that associates the intelligence of advanced science with the simplicity of nature a perfect combination offering a remarkable treatment for the hair, while satisfying the senses for a general feeling of well-being.

Good timing, determination and extraordinary attention to the requirements of the hairdressing world and the end customer are the characteristics that have contributed towards the success of Emmebi Italia since it was founded.

The company’s mission: to accompany salons in their development, growing by their side and offering made-to-measure training courses to perfect techniques in order to satisfy and keep ahead of the demands of the market.


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