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Electronic appliance for hair

Electronic appliance for hair


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Hair styling, both everyday and festive, when we want to get together more is unthinkable if you don't use a variety of hair styling devices - from classic haircut to curling iron and hair curler. Different hair stylers are indispensable both at home and in every hairdressing salon where customers go to allow professionals to master their hands.
We know that hair styling devices affect the hair structure to some extent, it can also damage it, but that does not mean giving up the benefits of hair stylers. The solution is to choose the right hair care and protective hair and use only high-quality hair styling devices.
Salonline is the largest distributor of professional hair cosmetics, devices and accessories in the Baltics. We collaborate with world-renowned and reputable brands, chosen by hairdressers and industry professionals for their work.
In our store shelves you will find a wide range of hair styling devices. You can create smooth eyelets with curling irons, fine-tipped and wrinkled hair with a straightener or a crimp to create a larger hairstyle and lift the hair at the roots. But a hair dryer, which is a universal device in its application, will come in handy every day to take care of beautiful hair. For your convenience, devices are also available in mini sizes that will be handy for carrying.

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