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Showing 1 to 16 of 1669

Professional hair styling tools and electrical appliances from industry experts in beauty care.
Professional hair styling tools and electrical appliances are suitable for intensive professional work and therefore last longer.
Salonline offers everything you need for professionals and you can create a beautiful hairstyle at home as in the salon.
Powerful hairdryers with ionization, which keeps your hair in the making process and takes care of their health and brilliance.
Hair straighteners with ionization, hair straighteners with adjustable heat and ceramic plates. Creates a planned hairstyle, taking care of your hair, choosing the best from industry experts in beauty.
Circular scissors for perfect bends. Choose from a wide range of best fit scissors.
There is a wide range of tools for hair styling - hair rollers, hair combs, hair brushes, hair clips, hairdressing scissors, hair rolls and many other hair accessories.
Hair is an important part of our image, so it stands out with an excellent hairstyle and experience in the interior that you can achieve with professional hair accessories and electrical appliances for hair.

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