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Earrings are a way to diversify and enrich your image.
Salonline has purchased a high quality ear piercing system, extracurricular earrings, piercing earrings and Fashion Sense earrings from Caflon. Medicinal earrings made of medical steel - hypoallergenic.
Salonline offers exceptionally safe ear piercing systems for professionals and beginners from Caflon.
Caflon - The safest ear piercing system.
This manufacturer's ear piercing tools are recognized as one of the most sold and used in the world.
Ear piercing systems, earrings and medical earrings are produced and developed in the UK.
Healing earrings are available in different and modern shapes. Healing earrings are made of surgical steel and are made with the highest precision Swiss-made equipment.
Salonline offers more than 80 types of earrings designed for "ear-piercing" and also for fashion design line Fashion Sense.
The range of offered earrings includes products covered with 9 or 18 carat gold, adorned with precious stones.
Salonline offers Caflon ear piercing solutions, earrings, medical earrings, antiseptic ear care products for a wide range of professionals and beginners.
Enrich your image with the Fashion Sense ornamental earring line, which is designed to decorate healed ears.

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