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Cleanliness and disinfection measures are indispensable in any beauty salon to provide customers with a safe and enjoyable environment. To do this, qualitative disinfectants for surfaces and tools should be used. In the Salon Line online store and store-warehouse in Riga, you can find a wide range of all the necessary disinfectants for both surface and tool handling.
Salon Line is a direct distributor of professional care and decorative cosmetics and salon equipment in the Baltic States. All the goods are directly received from the best and most reliable manufacturers of the products of the industry, whose brands have already earned the trust of beauty and salon customers. The product range also includes professional disinfectants for surfaces and tools.
The range of products includes professional disinfectants for tools that can safely and quickly clean combs, cutting machines and other tools used in the cabin. Also available are disinfectants in the form of a concentrate suitable for both stainless steel and acrylic and plastic surfaces.
Salon Line also offers various types of sterilizers - UV sterilizers, quartz sterilizers and hot air sterilizers, suitable for easy sterilization of various instruments. Ultrasonic cleaners, ideal for beauty salons, are also available for cleanliness and disinfection. They have a wide range of applications. Ultrasonic cleaners can be used to clean tools, but also household items such as jewelry, glasses, baby accessories, etc.

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