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Cleaning is the first step to prevent the risk of infection, the second is disinfection. Disinfectants and cleaning supplies from brands: Salon Line; Barbicide; Jessica; Look.
Salons also offer disinfectants for floor cleaning; measuring cups; disposable gloves; wipes and towels; brooms floor, air fresheners and disinfectants for interior surfaces.
Specialized disinfectants for cleaning the surfaces of beauty salons for cleaning surfaces such as hairspray. With the help of these, you can quickly clean the interior of the cabin, chairs and trolleys. Specialized cabin disinfectants are ideal for glass and mirror surfaces as well as washbasins. They are safe for all devices, including hair straighteners.
Disinfectants kill 99.99% of bacteria, reducing the risk of infectious diseases. The Salonline offer to provide sterile equipment from bacteria will help disinfectants for tools and dishware disinfectants; UV sterilizers and hot air sterilizers; quartz sterilizers for sterilizing metal tools; ultrasonic cleaners with a wide range of applications - you can even clean various household items such as jewelry, glasses, CDs, DVDs, baby accessories etc.
Like; Specially designed disinfectants and antiseptic lotions for hand and foot care, foam disinfectants for hand, foot nail disinfection for cosmetologists, manicure, pedicure masters and hairdressers. These disinfectants provide an antiseptic and antifungal effect, contain mild antibacterial agents with skin protection ingredients added. These substances not only regulate the moisture level of the skin but also the elasticity of the skin. pH-containing products stabilize the skin's acidic protective layer.

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