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SkinSystem Banana Wax with Titanium, for depilation 100ml

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Depilatory wax for professional use.

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The motto of SkinSystem - satisfied customers - the true value and assets of the company!
For almost 20 years, SkinSystem has been one of the most famous Italian companies that produce waxes and other bio-epilation products, as well as products for face and body care. Being active and innovative in its industry, the company continues to develop and expand its product range, including more and more new directions.
From a small family business, SkinSystem has developed into a large international company that exports its products to more than 30 countries around the world. The company began its activities with the production of products for bio-epilation, but later expanded its product range by producing high-quality face, nail and body care products. The company's goal is to provide high quality of all its products and services based on an understanding of the needs of each client, using their knowledge and experience. Over the years, thanks to constant efforts in the areas of research, development and stable professional development, the company has won the trust and high appreciation of its customers and partners.

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SkinSystem Banana Wax with Titanium, for depilation 100ml

SkinSystem Banana Wax with Titanium, for depilation 100ml

  • €1.98
  • Depilatory wax for professional use.

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