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Hair removal is a gentle approach to removing excess hair. Depilation differs in that the hair is released only from the surface and its root remains intact. Depilation creams and lotions, without pain, get rid of excess hair in 10-15 minutes.
For women, depilation is more relevant in areas of the body where the skin is more sensitive. Here you will find a great depilatory cream for the face and a bikini depilatory cream and depilatory wax for other areas of your body.
Men's shavers and shaving accessories are useful for removing the sex beard, but nowadays, the elimination of excess hair in other areas of the body is also topical for men. Salonline Offering men's hair removal creams and waxing kits.
Waxing is a more painful process for removing excess hair, but with a much longer lasting effect, as the root of the hair is also eliminated. Salonline offers products and accessories for the waxing process: waxing wax and wax heaters.
Oral waxing with sugar wax or paste is also common today. The difference with conventional waxing is that the sugar paste sticks only to the hair, so it is painless. Sugar waxing is natural, because the sugar paste contains only sugar and water.

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