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Meet Benjamin and Stéphane, two eco-friendly dads. They wanted to provide a solution for all those parents who couldn’t find reasonably priced, nicely packaged, organic personal care products for babies – and all the family – in a nearby store. The concept for the Charlotte Baby Bio and Charlotte Family brands was born! As for the inspiration behind the names, you may have already guessed it: Benjamin’s daughter is called Charlotte.
Proud to be organic!
The Charlotte Baby Bio and Charlotte Family products are certified organic by Ecocert and Cosmebio. This means that they contain at least 98% natural-origin ingredients, and that at least 10% of the total ingredients are from organic farming. Why just 10%? Because when we talk about the total ingredients, this also includes water. Water makes up 40 to 80% of the finished product and, by definition, cannot be organic…
For more information, visit the Ecocert website, where everything is explained!
Respect for nature
When you choose Charlotte Baby Bio and Charlotte Family, you choose products made with ingredients from renewable sources and processed using environmentally friendly methods.. So you’re doing your bit for the planet!
Made in France
For us, it’s important to showcase French expertise and contribute to developing our economy, so all the Charlotte Baby Bio and Charlotte Family products are made in France.
When you’re a parent, you’re often short of time, and always trying to find ways to do things faster. That’s why the Charlotte Baby Bio and Charlotte Family products have been designed to be as practical as possible. The large, 500ml bottles are perfect for those who have little time to go shopping! Plus, they’re equipped with a pump dispenser, because it’s difficult to free up one hand when you’re bathing your children, let alone two!
No endocrine disruptors
It’s not enough for a product to be eco-friendly; it also has to be consumer-friendly! Our formulas were developed to take into account the very latest knowledge and recommendations,and contain no recognized endocrine disruptors.
Reasonably priced
By reducing our margins and taking the risk of producing in large quantities, we’re able to offer the best price possible. Organic products should be accessible to everyone – not just the privileged few – so that all babies, children and families can enjoy their benefits.
Original and stylish packaging
The Charlotte Baby Bio products feature cute animal motifs that can also be used for educational purposes: each small animal represents a personality trait and has its own charming story to tell. The little bird, for example, is always cheerful and brings joy and happiness, while the brave little tiger helps to overcome fears.
As for the Charlotte Family products, they’re mainly inspired by Scandinavian design, to give a decorative touch to your bathroom.


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